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Joshua Chen

Curriculum Vitae


Masters in Mathematics
Thesis grade: 1.5
University of Bonn

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Peter Koepke

B.Sc. (Honours) Mathematics
with First Class Honours
Australian National University

Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Scott Morrison

B.Sc. Mathematics
Dean's Congratulations
University of Canterbury

Research & work

Targeted topic modeling for the E2mC disaster management system
Research assistant
Fraunhofer IAIS

Targeted topic modeling of tweet corpora to automatically identify issues of interest to emergency response services.

Homotopy type theory in Isabelle/Pure
Masters thesis project
University of Bonn

An implementation of homotopy type theory as an object logic in the interactive proof assistant Isabelle, hosted on GitHub.

Visualization and enumeration of planar trivalent graphs
Research assistant
Australian National University

Developed algorithms in Scala to enumerate and automatically draw certain classes of planar graphs, as part of research investigating subfactors and planar algebras.

The Temperley-Lieb categories and skein modules
Honours thesis
Australian National University

Final year Bachelors research thesis in category theory and quantum algebra, available online at arXiv:1502.06845[math.QA].

Integer houses in cyclotomic fields
ANU Summer Research Scholarship
Australian National University
Nov 2012–Jan 2013

Selective international undergraduate research program. My research was in abstract algebra, investigating questions about the dimensions of objects in fusion categories.

Teaching assistance

Intelligent Learning and Analysis Systems: Machine Learning
(Ma-Inf 4111)
University of Bonn
Winter 2017/2018

Intelligent Learning and Analysis Systems: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
(Ma-Inf 4112)
University of Bonn
Summer 2017

Engineering Mathematics 1B
University of Canterbury
Fall 2015

Mathematics & Applications 1
Australian National University
Fall 2014

Discrete Mathematics
University of Canterbury
Fall 2013

Awards & achievements

ANU Mathematical Sciences Institute Honours Scholarship 2013

ANU Summer Research Scholarship 2012

University of Canterbury Peter Bryant Prize for pure mathematics 2011